Monday, July 2, 2018

On taking a break and taking the plunge.

Hi guys!

Don’t you miss the old days when a blog was an online journal where you talk about your days and your thoughts, and your readers comment on your day and your thoughts, and you even gain new friends in the process?

The blogging world has seismically shifted. I admit I’ve become trapped in that mode too, in that I often ask myself if my blog entry will add value to my readers (thus generate hits and views), that most of my thoughts get trapped inside my head, and so no entry gets published. And in social media posts, I get so disappointed when I read a sentence or two followed by a call to action for a sponsored product. (Did you know they hire people to write those post captions? Yeah, they do.)

I miss the old days though. So for today I have no eat list or travel post or wedding supplier to review, I have no shopping trick or beauty product to test, this is just me and my thoughts.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Romy Roams Baguio: Where to Eat

Baguio is always a good choice when you want to get away from the heat of the city life, literally and figuratively.

Jay and I had been to Baguio twice in just four months. The first one was back in November during the APEC holiday, and the second one this February for our high school friend’s wedding. Aside from climbing Mt. Ulap and celebrating with our high school friends, our main agenda for going to Baguio was to eat—nay, pig out.

We’ve both been to Baguio several times before so we’ve gone to almost all the tourist spots. What we really wanted to do was relax and satiate our appetites. Luckily, Baguio doesn’t fall short of good restaurants and food spots.

Here are a few of old and new favorites you should try on your next trip to the City of Pines.

Friday, March 2, 2018

How I turn my receipts into cash

Now that I'm a wife, I've become more budget conscious and eager to find ways to save and get value for our money.

I downloaded this app called Snapcart (it’s available on iTunes and Google Play Store), which allows you to take photos of your receipts and gives you cash in return.

Read on to learn how!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Romy Roams Tokyo: Where to Eat

Happy 2018, dear readers! I know it's been a while since I last wrote a post, but I've been busy with the life of being a wife and finishing projects on the side too, so the blog took a back seat. 

Hopefully with the new year comes a new drive to write more regularly. Please don't get tired of dropping by!

So, let's get on with my first post for the year. :)

Now that you've read where to go in Tokyo, it's time to let you in on all the good food we ate! 

Japanese food is something I grew up eating. My brother and I inhale a plate of sashimi within seconds. 

My family and I frequented Kimpura, Sugi, and Saisaki when they were the only choices in Manila. When we grew older, we tried other restaurants to get our sashimi fix and other Japanese food staples. 

So to say I was excited to finally try Japanese food in Japan is a major understatement. 

Here's my Tokyo Eat List! Hope you enjoy these restos and dishes as much as I did.